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We want to make sure your Sunspace Porch Windows are working properly and remain easy to use. Please contact us using the form below if you are having any trouble or just have a question. We are here to help!

In addition to the MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY, we at Sunspace Twin Cities provide the following: 

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on the ViewFlex Vinyl Glazing provided you follow our recommended cleaning. Simply remove the panel and drop off at our office for a no-charge repair or replacement. We will have it ready for you to pick-up after one business day. 
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on screens from uneven wearing or manufacturing defects. Sunspace Twin Cities will provide a no-charge replacement of defective screens and will replace them for you if the original installation was done by our team. Damaged screens are not under warranty by Sunspace but are available for purchase if desired. 

How to Clean Your Porch Windows

Sunspace Cleaning Video 2021


How to Operate Your New Windows

Sunspace Porch Window Operation 2021-1


Troubleshooting Tips for Your Windows

Sunspace Porch Window Troubleshooting 2021-1

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