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Porch Window Systems for Remodel & Retrofit

Looking to update your existing porch into your favorite room in the house? The Sunspace process couldn't be easier. Here are five basic steps for creating the porch of your dreams with Sunspace Porch Windows.

Step 1 – Contact Us

If you have photos and some rough measurements, send them our way to get the conversation rolling on options and pricing packages.

Sunspace Window Measurement Guide

How to Measure Your Windows

  • Measure in three locations vertically and three locations horizontally as shown in the image.
  • Take the smallest of the three measurements you took vertically and the smallest of the three measurements you took horizontally.
  • These two measurements will be your opening size. 
  • Be sure to measure all of your window openings.


Step 2 – Visit the Showroom

Following our initial conversation, we set up a time for you to come down to the showroom, see product displays, and to ask any further questions.

Schedule a Showroom Meeting

Step 3 – Selections

At this point, we can finalize product selections, colors, and other options before securing time on our production schedule.

Step 4 – Verify Measurements

Prior to installation, one of our representatives would visit your home to verify measurements and installation specifics. At this point, we can order your custom made products and schedule an installation date for 4-5 weeks from the order date.

Step 5 – Installation

The final step is the installation of your new porch windows, which is typically completed in one day. 


Frame Colors and Vinyl Tint Options

Sunspace Porch Windows are available in five frame colors and four vinyl tint options to match your style. 

Sunspace Frame Colors and Vinyl Tint Option Graphic


FAQs for Homeowners

Answers to the most common questions asked about Sunspace Porch Windows.

  • Can I use your product in an existing screened-in porch?

Yes. Our windows are custom-made to fit into existing openings, so they are perfect for upgrading your current structure.  We insist on a perfect fit and a worry-free installation, so we're happy to come out and take care of the whole process, from precision measurement to complete installation.

  • How does it work if I'm planning on building a new porch structure?

We can assist you with the design and window details if you are already working with a builder, or we can recommend a builder that is familiar with our products. Either way, we are glad to help.

Get our list of Trusted Builders >> 
  • Can I provide window measurements and install them myself?

Yes! We're glad to walk you through the DIY process, or we can take care of measuring and installing everything for you.

Download Application Options >> 
  • How durable are Sunspace Porch Windows?

You can be assured that you are purchasing the most durable and well-constructed porch window on the market. If you have a problem, we will fix it!

  • What is the difference between your porch windows and others?

There's a long list of differences - from better construction, tighter seal against moisture, quieter movement, much easier ability to open and close, fewer parts means fewer pieces to break down, and much more. Set up a time to meet at our showroom and we'd be glad show you a side-by-side comparison.

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  • Do your porch windows require much care?

Sunspace Porch Windows do not require much maintenance, though we do suggest cleaning them every six months. Just like anything else in your home, keeping your windows clean will preserve their life and luxurious look. The process for cleaning your porch windows is quite easy. 

Read more about caring for and cleaning Sunspace Porch Windows >>



Remodeling with Sunspace Porch Windows

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What Our Clients Say

Sunspace Twin Cities proudly serves the families and homes of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

"We had Sunspace windows installed in our screen porch last fall and we couldn't be happier with them. The installation went very smoothly and the windows have increased our ability to use the porch tremendously. No more having to dry the cushions out when it rains, or clean them when the dust blows or storing the cushions and furniture during the winter!"

Minneapolis, MN

"Brandon did an excellent job for us. He was very flexible when we changed the plans twice. We have a great finished product, and we are very satisfied. Thanks, Brandon!" 

St. Paul, MN

"After a great deal of research and planning, I selected Sunspace Master Porch Windows. Brandon came out and did the estimate, installation, and over a year later, minor repairs. The estimate was exact, job completed on time - he even did additional work and the guarantee is the best I've ever had."

Minneapolis, MN