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Can I put glass windows in my porch?

Glass windows are not the best option to enclose your porch for the following reasons:

  • Traditional windows are not built for spaces without climate control.
  • They lack functionality to save the outdoor feel of a porch.
  • And, they can be expensive and complex to install.

Sunspace porch windows are made intentionally to hit the middle ground. Our customers are looking for something that is going to allow them to maintain that screened-in porch feel – like an outdoor room – and also give protection when they want to keep out the rain, snow, dust, and wind.

Are there various color options to choose from?

Sunspace Porch Windows are available in five frame colors and four vinyl tint options to match your own style. These options includeWHITE, BRONZE, DRIFTWOOD, BLACK, and GRAY

Do I need fall protection for my porch?

If your porch is more than 30" off the ground, building code dictates that some type of fall protection needs to be implemented. Always consult your local building official as interpretations can vary by municipality.

When it comes to safety, functionality, and style, you have several options with Sunspace Porch Windows!

Can I use your product in an existing screened-in porch?

Yes. Our windows are custom made to fit into existing openings, so they are perfect for upgrading your current structure.  We insist on a perfect fit and a worry-free installation, so we're happy to come out and take care of the whole process, from precision measurement to complete installation.

How does it work if I'm planning on building a new porch structure?

We can assist you with the design and construction details if you are already working with another builder, or we can recommend a builder that is familiar with our products. Either way, we are glad to help.

Can I install my own Sunspace porch windows?

You have the option to install your own Sunspace Porch Windows if you'd prefer to opt out of professional installation. The following video shows step-by-step instructions on how to properly install them.

If you choose to install your Sunspace Porch Windows yourself, we offer a DIY discount which is for sending in the final measurements, picking up the windows at our warehouse, and self-installation.

How do I measure for self-installation?

If you are going to install yourself, and these are final measurements, then follow the guidelines below:

  1. First, number the window openings going around the perimeter of your porch clockwise. The windows will be labeled in this order when they arrive. 
  2. Second, make sure that you have a flat surface on the outside to attach the windows through the 1” window flange. If you don’t have a flat surface of at least 1” around the perimeter of the openings, then additional framing will be required. 
  3. Third, record the width and height measurements of each opening by checking in multiple places and looking for the smallest number. 

We typically make the window units ¼” smaller in width and height from the opening to allow for clearance. 

When providing the sizes for self-installation, please give us the final frame “make-size” that you want us to manufacture the window frames to. 

Why should I have Sunspace install?

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area, you have the option to have your windows installed by Sunspace Professional installers. With professional installation, we will come out to do a site inspection and get the final measurements for placing the order. If there are any issues with the preparation of the window openings, we can address that in advance and offer solutions to make the installation go smoothly. 

When your new windows are installed by Sunspace, you get the full lifetime warranty.

Are Sunspace porch windows weathertight?

Yes, Sunspace porch windows are weathertight — as long as you close them. Once the windows are closed, your 3-season porch will be sealed to the elements and will stay clean and dry on the inside. Sunspace porch windows are designed to withstand the frigid conditions we get here in the Upper Midwest.

Learn more about keeping your 3-season porch clean and dry in our blog post here.

How often should I replace my porch screens?

Porch screens can become quite loose over time due to wind, harsh weather, and other factors, regardless of how well (or tight) they were installed.

Generally speaking, a standard fiberglass porch screen will require replacement every year. High-quality screens made from durable materials tend to last longer than the cheaper alternatives.

Vinyl porch windows from Sunspace come with screen material installed in the system. We are able to use lighter material because the windows protect the screens from wind damage. This material creates better visibility and maintains an outdoor feel.

Rather than investing in replacement material (and your time) each and every year, consider a lifelong investment to enclose your porch, extend its use, and enjoy more time in your outdoor space rather than maintaining it.