Horizontal Sliding Porch Windows

Horizontal Sliding Windows are available in multiple panel configurations.

Our horizontal windows have a different look and functionality than our vertical windows.

If your porch window openings are short and wide, horizontal sliding windows may be the best option given the side-to-side operation.

Available in frame colors:


Sunspace Horizontal Sliding Windows

How Horizontal Sliding Windows Work


horizontal windows



Style, safety, and flexible design are the cornerstones of the Sunspace Window System. Sunspace Porch Windows are built with the durable View Flex Vinyl Glazing that keeps out the harmful UV rays of the sun. The brass rollers allow for smooth operation, opening each window side-to-side for up to 50% ventilation.

Our window systems are easily installed and can convert any area into your favorite three-season room in the house! You CAN have your dream outdoor living space that remains CLEAN and DRY! 

These maintenance-free units are custom made to your specifications and can be serviced at any time.

Horizontal Sliding Window Configurations


Horizontal Sliding Windows are available in 2, 3, or 4-panel configurations.

  • 2-panel units are made up to 96” wide and 108” tall and have a track that is 2” deep
  • 3 or 4 -panel units are made from 90" - 120” wide and 108” tall with a track that is 3.5” deep

Horizontal Sliding Window Configurations

Porch Windows and Fall Protection

Do I need fall protection for my porch? It's a common question, and for good reason. If your porch is higher than 30 inches off the ground, building code requires some form of fall protection.

Learn About Our Railing Options

Praise for Sunspace Porch Windows

"I keep singing the praises of the Weather Master Porch Windows and their outstanding customer service. That product and installation is by far the best investment that I’ve made in my 9 + years in my home. My neighbors, friends and family all mention it every time we are all out on the porch enjoying it. I highly recommend the product and the company."

Linda - Minneapolis, MN