WeatherMaster Porch Window Sizing and Framing

WeatherMaster Porch Windows are custom made to fit most sized openings

  • WeatherMaster Porch Windows are available up to 9’ tall
  • Vertical 4 Track windows are available in:
    • single units from 12" - 60" wide
    • double mulled units from 54" - 108" wide
    • triple mulled units from 78" - 144" wide


V4T Single-01.png V4T Double-01.png V4T Triple-01.png


  • All windows have a 1” flange around the perimeter and are designed to be installed from the exterior
  • Vertical 4 Track windows have a jamb thickness of 2”
  • Framing between windows should be a minimum of 2” wide to accomodate a 1" flange on each side
  • Framing must provide for a flat surface on both sides, top, and bottom.
cross section osm.png