Answers to the most common questions asked about Sunspace and WeatherMaster Porch Windows

  • Can I use your product in an existing screened-in porch?

 Yes. Our windows are custom made to fit into existing openings, so they are perfect for upgrading your current structure.  We insist on a perfect fit and a worry-free installation, so we're happy to come out and take care of the whole process, from precision measurement to complete installation.

  • How does it work if I'm planning on building a new porch structure?

 We can assist you with the design and construction details if you are already working with another builder, or we can recommend a builder that is familiar with our products. Either way, we are glad to help.

  • Can I provide window measurements and install myself?

 While we're glad to walk you through the process, we take care of measuring and installing everything for you.

  • How durable are the WeatherMaster Porch Windows?

With a lifetime warranty, you can be assured that you are purchasing the most durable and well-constructed porch window on the market.

  • What's the difference between a Sunroom and a Porch?

A Sunspace Sunroom is a modular, all-aluminum structure that is made in our factory and then assembled on site. Porches are built out of typically wood products that can be purchased at the local lumberyard and built using conventional framing techniques. Our WeatherMaster porch windows are a perfect match with the Sunspace Sunrooms, but they're an excellent fit for any conventional porch or deck as well.

  • How are the windows installed?

We are happy to handle all measurements and installation, but if you're confident in handling it yourself, you can view the easy installation instructions here.

  • What is the difference between your porch windows and other makers?

There's a long list of differences - from better construction, tighter seal against moisture, quieter movement, much easier ability to open and close, fewer parts means fewer pieces to break down, and much more. We encourage you to watch this quick video to show some of the "deal breaker" issues with our competitor's products here.